Account maintenance fee.  Invest whenever you want to, we do not have any inactivity charges.

up to 35.26%

Annual return. Earn anywhere from 10% to 35.26% per year from your investment.


Account registration. Creating account with us is absolutely free. More bonuses for new clients.


Occupancy rate. We will help you to improve occupancy rates while also increasing the nightly rate.


Years in business. We’ve helped hundreds clients to achive their financial goals.


Managed properties. Let us do all the work. We will manage everything while you have full control.

Investor Return

Return will depend on how the investment property is financed. Below are three financing scenarios for each property:

Cash Purchase

Stable return in any market environment. This strategy seeks to preserve your investment value by investing in lower risk assets and generating stable return at the same time.

Up to 14% annual return

50% Financed

Take a bit of risk for bigger return. Maximize returns by investing in assets with higher degree of risk. Your initial investment is covered by our extended guarantee.

Up to 22% annual return

75% Financed

Our individual investment plans are designed for those who want to create their own investing strategy. Minimum investment amount is required, please discuss details with our representative.

Up to 35% annual return

We Protect Your Investment

The biggest reservation homeowners have about renting their property is fear of damage. Although damage may occur, we take the following steps to mitigate these risks and protect your rental income:

Start Investing in No Time

It takes only few minutes to register account, top it up with funds and begin investing. It is that easy!

We Are Available Worldwide

Our company is a global provider of technology based financial services, backed by industry leading technology and security. Our clients range from high school students to some of the most notable companies in the world. No matter who you are, where are you from, what your budget is, we have financial solutions for you. You can’t go wrong.